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AIM has provided webinars and online learning for as long as it’s been available in the association market. Armed with that expertise, we were well-positioned to maintain our clients’ programming when COVID-19 changed nearly everything about the way we work and deliver services to our partner members. Our executive directors and their teams worked tirelessly to re-invent their largest revenue-generating face-to-face annual conferences into timely virtual events. As a team we have engaged every bit of our ingenuity and professional acumen to ensure our partners are able to preserve as many annual conferences, courses, workshops and board meetings as possible while limiting financial losses and maintaining the high quality of presentations they have come to expect from AIM. In just six months, we have produced over 300 hours of virtual programming and expect the same level of effort for the remainder of the year.

AIM is ready to work with your organization to determine the most efficient online platform to suit your needs.

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Typically, board meetings, webinars, and small events can be run by Webex or Zoom with AIM’s in-house expertise. These video conferences and webinars broadcast content from one source to multiple attendees, including registration, live polls, and chat in a single event format. Several of our partners have used a virtual event platform that specializes in the digital reproduction of an event experience including engagement features, networking, and sponsorship delivered within the platform, typically over several days or weeks. The AIM team works in tandem with virtual platform vendors to manage event registration, speaker presentation, abstract management, ePoster presentations, virtual scientific presentations, virtual exhibits, and TV. Having experience with several vendors over a short period of time has been advantageous in evaluating the tools that will best meet the needs of our clients should they opt for either fully virtual or hybrid meeting formats in the future.

In summary, AIM team members have extensive experience collaborating with subject matter experts and program committees to manage speaker support and the production of meeting sessions and continuing education courses. We can ensure that your organization has the proper mechanisms in place to maintain its reputation as the premier provider of training and professional networking in the regulatory industry. Through aligning expert skills, knowledge, effective practices, and sophisticated technology, AIM will provide your organization with the necessary tools and support to allow your members to have a memorable meeting experience.